Arrival of Hetty

28 June 2010 - first 7 weeks

We liked Ellie's earlier puppies Winston & Spencer so much that we repeated the mating with Wandris Entertainer in April this year. On 28 June a single blenheim bitch puppy was born by Caesarian. It looks like she will be staying with us - her pedigree name is Luphenex Let Me Entetain You (we ran out of letters allowed!) and her pet name is Hetty, short for Henrietta in memory of our beloved Henry.

Ellie checking up on her new puppy

Though she is still pretty sleepy herself

One day old

The proud mum!

First cuddly toy, a singleton puppy needs something for company

Bathtime whether or not it was wanted!

Uncle George pays a visit, looking just as disgusted as he did with the last litter!

A novel way of ensuring Hetty gets a choice of nipple?

4 days old

8 days and the eyes are already opening

2 weeks old and she is up on her feet - this is very early, but we suspect she is ahead of her age because she was late being born

4 weeks old and starting to explore

Also starting some bad habits.....

Puppy and toy tired out - comparative size of the pair shows how much she has grown!

Trying a bit of solid food

Exploring the garden - and a near perfect show stand!

New toys to play with!

8 month Hazel comes to visit

Happy family - well, Uncle George doesn't look entirely happy...

Trying out a puppy harness


6 weeks old

Practising that show stand

And a head shot

More pictures are sure to follow as Hetty grows up!



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