Yorkshire Canals 2001 (Page 7)

Friday 12 October - Kildwick to Salterforth

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One of the famous mills built by Sir Titus Salt as part of his model village of Saltaire.

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The Bingley 5-Rise, one of the seven wonders of the waterways, which raises (or lowers) boats through 60 feet in five cavernous chambers, an awe-inspiring experience. The staircase was designed by the Leeds & Liverpool's chief engineer, John Longbotham, and completed in 1774. For many, many years it has been the pride and joy of its resident lock-keeper, Barry Whitelock.

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Stephen looking down on Worcester as one of the locks fills.

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Looking down from part-way up the locks.

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In passing from one lock to the next, Barry has to untie the forward rope and get it under the footbridge so that it can be tied up in the next lock. The way in which he does this is elegant beyond words, and has to be seen to be appreciated fully - he walks onto the footbridge, makes a number of coils, drops the rope over the right hand side, and at the right moment gives the middle of the rope a little flick, which brings the end of the rope looping under the bridge to be caught on the left hand side. It really is quite astonishing, and quite humbling, the skill, precision and consistency with which he does it.

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The beautiful scenery of West Yorkshire

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Lucy returning to the boat having closed swing-bridge 193, one of the many used by farmers and operated by hand. The weather today was wonderful, with blue skies all day, and scenery growing in its beauty as we travel through the upper part of the Aire valley.

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Looking back on the small Pennine town of Silsden.

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The sun sets as we near our mooring for the night at Kildwick, a delightful little village, home of the pleasant White Lion pub.


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