Yorkshire Wolds Way: Settrington to Wintringham

30 March 2014

Next morning there wasn't time for a full walk as we had to get to the rally trial, but there was time for some more exploration of the Yorkshire Wolds Way. Lucy and the four dogs make their way through the woods on Beacon Wold

And here's me, not to be left out of the photos

After a bit of searching we found a geocache at the northern edge of the wood, and then Lucy and two of the dogs walked back to the car, while I continued onwards to see a bit more of the Yorkshire Wolds Way

From almost the same point as the previous photo, this is the view of my walk, into the Vale of Pickering, any long-distance views lost in the haze for a second day

Heading down towards Rowgate

There was then a mile or so along this track or minor road

...before heading across the fields to Wintringham

The dogs show me the way

The Yorkshire Wolds Way takes the track around the back of Wintringham, which was extremely muddy, and then past this odd structure before the track meets the road by the church, where Lucy and the other dogs were waiting for us to go to the rally trial just north of York.

Total walk was 5.8 km with approximately 70 metres of ascent in 1 hour 25 mins



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