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15 August 2002 - Great Knott and Cold Pike

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As I climb for an exploration of some of the subsidiary tops between Red Tarn and Crinkle Crags, a view into Wrynose Bottom, with Harter Fell behind

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Looking down to the Three Shire Stone at the top of Wrynose Pass

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Great Knott, my first objective of the day

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A 360 panorama from the summit of Great Knott (696m, 2283ft) - click the picture for a larger version

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Crinkle Crags from Great Knott

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Great Langdale from Great Knott

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Cold Pike from Great Knott, with behind, to its right, Swirl How, Coniston Old Man and Grey Friar

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My route across the plateau to Cold Pike Far West Top, to the right of the dip in centre picture, just visible in front of the higher Little Stand on the right

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Half way across I was brought up short by this electric fence which is invisible from any distance. I'd crossed a couple earlier in the walk while on paths, and it had been explained that they are a temporary (5-year) measure to re-heft the sheep, and to cross only at stiles. However, not knowing where the fences or stiles are makes this a little difficult.

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Having managed to cross the electric fence, I reached Cold Pike Far West Top (670m, 2198ft). A view towards the West Top

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Looking back across the electric-fenced plateau to Great Knott

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From West Top over Far West Top, with Crinkle Crags on the horizon on the right

img_1652.jpg (39242 bytes)
Cold Pike from its West Top (683m, 2241ft)

img_1654.jpg (67496 bytes)
On the summit of Cold Pike (701m, 2300ft), with Windermere in sight

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Looking north to the Langdale Pikes, looking less impressive than normal with the bulk of High Raise behind showing that they are really all front and no behind!

panColdPike.jpg (224484 bytes)
A panorama to the south from Cold Pike, with Wetherlam, Black Sails, Swirl How and Great Carrs, The Old Man of Coniston and Brim Fell peeking into view, and Grey Friar - click picture for a larger version.

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Crinkle Crags silhouetted from Cold Pike

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On the descent, approaching Red Tarn, with Wetherlam behind

Distance 7.34km, total height gain 435m, time 3 hours 20 mins



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