Lake District:
Whin Rigg and Illgill Head

24 August 2005

The River Irt above Lund Bridge carries the excess water away from Wastwater after a night of heavy rain

As we begin our ascent alongside Greathall Gill, Wastwater comes into view

The farmland of Nether Wasdale

Ascending further, Wastwater and its surrounding fells become clearer

George at the summit of Whin Rigg, with Buckbarrow and Seatallan behind. On George's left shoulder you can just see the ends of my bootlace which served as his collar for the day when I discovered I'd left the proper one back at the house: he seemed quite comfortable with the doubled-round thick lace.

Looking north-east to Illgill Head, with Scafell behind to the right

As we make our way from Whin Rigg to Illgill Head, we keep near the edge to enjoy the spectacular views down Wastwater Screes to the lake below

This felt a lot steeper than it looks in the photograph!

From near the top of Illgill Head, looking back to Whin Rigg

From the broken stone wall just below the summit of Illgill Head looking to the fells surrounding Wasdale Head

A panoramic photo from the same spot

George on Illgill Head with Yewbarrow on the left, the flat-topped Kirk Fell centre with Great Gable to its right, and the long shoulder of Lingmell on the right

The circular wind-shelter on Illgill Head (609m/1998ft above sea level)

We largely retraced our steps, and here we approach the bottom of the slope alongside Greathall Gill

Looking north-west to Buckbarrow, Seatallan and Middle Fell, the later two being our objective for later in the week

Lund Bridge across the River Irt

The sheep watch us with interest

As do the cattle

A retrospective look at Whin Rigg as we return to the car - an excellent day's walk.



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