Lake District: Hodge Close to Little Langdale

8 November 2014

On a somewhat dreary day, it was time for a lower level walk, and a few geocaches to find in Little Langdale formed the inspiration for an exploration of a few places I hadn't been before.

After parking near the big hole at Hodge Close, we descended the big piles of slate waste

An artificial course for the beck through the slate waste

We then reached the bridleway through Moss Rigg Wood

At this point there is a ford for vehicles, albeit with restricted access nowadays, but I wouldn't fancy taking a car through this (or, worse, a non-motorised vehicle). Fortunately the dogs and I would have use of the pedestrian bridge when we returned later.

For now it was time to head a little west along the valley to reach this mine

The mine made an interesting spot to explore, but was also the site of a geocache, my first underground one

The entrance passageway

Emerging back into daylight, the next point of interest is Slater Bridge, a spot I'd seen in many photos, but never visited

Slater Bridge from another angle

After a little walk across country to get another cache, we head back for the ford and bridge, fortunately with an elevated walkway alongside the road

At Stang End the dogs seem to have a difference of opinion about which is the right way

The mist thickens on this dreary day as we head around Little Fell

Approaching the slate waste of Hodge Close.

An interesting walk exploring some areas I've seen in photos and on the map, but not visited. A total of 5.5km which I spread over 2 hours with my exploration of the various points en route.



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