Three Little Fells in the Lake District

27 November 2013

On a day with low cloud, forecast to be less of an issue in the north-west, it was an opportunity to visit a few small fells still missing from my tally of Wainwright summits.

Sale Fell and Ling Fell

I parked the car near Brumston bridge and headed off up Sale Fell into the mist. Looking back, my next destination can be seen, namely Ling Fell, also here in the mist

Sale Fell

On the far side, descending towards Kelswick farm. Ling Fell, ahead, still in the cloud.

The figure-of-eight nature of the route meant that I could stop in comfort at the car for a light early lunch before heading up Ling Fell. The cloud looks to be lifting.

Heading up the Corpse Road

These firm grassy routes are a delight to walk on

At the trig point on Ling Fell (I also visited the probable high point nearby)

Heading down. Sale Fell ahead is still misty.

Total distance 6.5 km and 417 metres of ascent in 2 hours 1 min



Raven Crag

I then moved on to Raven Crag, a little summit at the foot of Thirlmere. I'd been here once before, but been turned back by too many trees across the path following strong winds.

The route still had a handful of trees across it, but I was hopeful that the big problem at the top wouldn't be so much of a problem today and that I would be able to reach the summit this time.

There is Raven Crag - clearly for ordinary mortals we need to find a way to the top without climbing the crag itself.

This is where I got to last time - although still not ideal underfoot, it is now passable once again

George shows the way

George at the summit

But don't stop at the summit - the glory of this walk is a little further on, where the precipitous views of Thirlmere open up. Without cloud on the Helvellyn range it would be even more glorious, so that provides a reason to come back again one day.

Looking up Thirlmere, with Helvellyn somewhere in the clouds

George safely (if a little unhappily) tied to a tree while I was near the edge taking photographs. Time to release George and go back the way we came.

Total distance 2.5 km and 248 metres of ascent in 1 hours 23 mins



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