Bodmin Moor - Rough Tor and Brown Willy

2 October 2003

From the Forestry Commission's Roughtor Moor car park, the view up to the rocky summit of Rough Tor, on the northwestern edge of Bodmin Moor. Stephen and George skirted the southern (right-hand) side of the hill, into the valley of the De Lank River.

A view to Rough Tor from the other side, from the summit of Brown Willy - at 420m/1378ft, the highest point in Cornwall. We came around to the left of Rough Tor and round the enclosed fields, then up the permissive path from the De Lank River onto Brown Willy.

From Brown Willy, we returned over the summit of Rough Tor (400m/1312ft) - here we look back from Rough Tor to Brown Willy

From Rough Tor, the view of the Stannon china clay works.

Rocks on the summit of Rough Tor

George on Rough Tor with Brown Willy in the background

On the descent back to the car, we pass one of the more than 150 ancient hut circles which cover Roughtor Moors, once the site of quite a sizeable settlement.

Some of the sheep and ponies grazing on the slopes of the moor.



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