Bodmin and Wenford Railway

30 September 2003

Lucy waits on board the train for the 1400 departure from Bodmin General for Boscarne Junction

Bodmin General is a "terminus" station which is now midway along the current Bodmin & Wenford Railway

After a round trip to Boscarne Junction, the current western extremity of the line, the train has returned to Bodmin General.
After disgorging its passengers, the carriages are pushed back to give the locomotive space to run around
ready for the next departure.

Lucy and the dogs watch the movements

Hmm, just time for a little snack and a drink...

The train has now taken us to Bodmin Parkway (known as Bodmin Road until 1984), where the B&WR meets
the national network.

Running around for the third time, to take us back to Bodmin General again



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