Yorkshire Dales Holiday

20 July 2005 - Malham Cove

After a short walk from the village of Malham, we approach Malham Cove, a huge curved limestone cliff at the head of the valley of Malham Beck

Lucy and Henry on a bridge over Malham Beck

At the top of the cliff is a fine area of limestone pavement

Looking from the top of the cliff alone Malham Beck towards the village of Malham

A large waterfall once poured over the cliff as a glacier melted above it. At 80 metres high and 300 metres wide, the flow would have been comparable with Niagara Falls today.

Thistle and limestone

Back at the base of the cliff. Bizarrely, the beck which emerges from the base of the cliff is not that which disappears underground between Malham Tarn and the cliff: two streams go underground at different points, and cross paths without mixing behind the cliff, and re-emerge many miles apart.

A panoramic shot gives some idea of the height of the cliff

Looking along Malham Beck from near the base of the cliff



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