Burnbank Fell, Blake Fell and Gavel Fell

13 February 2010

An interesting tree as we make our way across the flat land between Loweswater village and Loweswater lake

Heading for Watergate Farm; our route lies through the wood, first on the level then cutting back uphill

Loweswater Fell across Loweswater

Holme Force - on the recommendation of Alfred Wainwright we have taken a slightly circuitous route through the wood in order to pass this rather pretty waterfall.

George coming back to get me - again

All woodland is a problem for George's fluffy legs, but this seemed far worse than normal, and I was pulling several of these twigs off him every minute.

At last George is out of the woods and onto the open fell (where he can find some bracken). This bench is on a lovely site, but has definitely seen better days. Fells with their tops in the clouds suggest we are going to have the same problem as yesterday.

The steep bit - it's a lot steeper than it looks. George will have no problem but it's hard work for me.

Looking across the Solway Firth to Scotland

The steep bit is done, and a more gentle ascent remains...

...to the top of Burnbank Fell.

As we climb towards Blake Fell, a look back to Burnbank Fell

The clouds are lifting and parting, and we have hazy sunshine as we reach the highpoint of today's walk, the top of Blake Fell. This is Stephen's 107th Wainwright summit, so just 107 more to visit.

Our route to Gavel Fell lies on and then to the right; Hen Comb is centre picture.

Looking across Mellbreak to Grasmoor and its surrounding fells

Gavel Fell is now clearly in view: beyond is Great Borne behind which is Ennerdale

Looking past the head of Ennerdale to Pillar

Back to Blake Fell

The summit of Gavel Fell. Sunshine - hooray!

Another look at Pillar and the high fells

Following the fence down into the Whiteoak Beck valley

We find this drove road which we follow along the side of the valley

Heading down, with a good view of the side of Carling Knott

Almost back at Maggie's Bridge, and a beautiful view of Grasmoor (right) and Whiteside (left).

Zoom in for more detail, or click to view larger map in new window

A surprisingly enjoyable tramp across easy ground - maybe I should have included Hen Comb as originally planned, but I was a bit worried about crossing Mosedale Beck afterwards.

Total distance 11.6 km and 638 metres of ascent in 3 hours 45 mins



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