Dolomites Holiday:
Alpine Front in World War I

In addition to the remains from the first World War that I found on my walk on Wednesday, we made two trips particularly focussed on the Alpine front.

When Italy entered the war in 1915, it was promised Trento, Trieste, Gorizia and Gradisca, Istria and northern Dalmatia from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The area we are staying in was at that time part of Austria-Hungary, but part of it was rapidly invaded by Italian troops, the front running through the area and moving relatively little for an extended period.

7 July 2011: Tre Sassi Fort

The construction of Tre Sassi fort began in 1897 by the Austro-Hungarians

On 5 July 1915, the Austro-Hungarian fort was hit by Italian shells, partially collapsed and was evacuated. The fort now houses an interesting museum of the Great War.

Climbing away from the fort up the hill of Sass de Stria

The hill is riddled with trenches which make for some fascinating exploration

With rain coming, we retreated back to the car after a remarkable little exploration.

8 July 2011: Cinque Torri

We took the chairlift again that we took on Monday, which can be seen in the background of this photo, and took the short walk to the Cinque Torri open-air museum.

Looking across the valley at some of the targets for the Italian guns

The Cinque Torri - five towers




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