Lake District: Rannerdale Knotts, Whiteless Pike, Wandope, Sail, Eel Crag Hill and Grasmoor

20 May 2012

Another day, and a beautiful morning. We drove to Crummock Water for an exploration of some of the north-western fells, culminating with Grasmoor. This isn't an area of the Lake District I know well, and so I was looking forward to the exploration. This is the view across Crummock Water as George and I walk along the road from the car park.

A look back along the road to Grasmoor. We will descend steeply along the Lad Hows ridge on the right of the fell later in the day

First comes Rannerdale Knotts, ascending the route of the old road, long ago surplanted by the motor road around its base which runs level with the lake.

George runs ahead as usual when I climb slowly, always keen to show the way.

With some height gained on Rannerdale Knotts, another view of Grasmoor and the curving descending Lad Hows ridge; to its right, Wandope and Whiteless Pike.

Looking down on the head of Crummock Water with Buttermere beyond

The walk ahead takes us along the ridge of Rannerdale Knotts and then a climb onto Whiteless Pike

George shows the way along the pleasant ridge of Rannerdale Knotts

On Whiteless Pike, the route to Wandope

From the western top of Wandope, it is an easy grassy walk to the higher top on the right of picture. Centre is Eel Crag Hill

From Wandope, looking to Crag Hill left and Sail, right. A path runs across the upper part of the crag to get to Sail without having to visit the top of Crag Hill, which we'll visit on the way back. Wandope is my 100th Hewitt (two-thousand-feet summit) - and 142nd English Nuttall and 164th Wainwright.

A look backwards to Grasmoor, our final objective

Heading for Sail

George pauses before tackling the little rocky ascent

George is intrigued by the placement of the cairn on the summit of Sail. Sadly the cloud cover is increasing, but it remains high and well above the summits, at least around here, and crucially it remained dry.

From Sail, looking to Crag Hill which we will cross

On Crag Hill, George's 100th Wainwright, looking on to the final objective of Grasmoor

George by the wall shelter on Grasmoor. He was pleased to find someone's rejected sandwich here.

From Grasmoor, looking across Crummock Water to yesterday's Starling Dodd (pointed, centre) with Great Borne to its right.

About to descend the steep Lad Hows ridge, which curves down to the right. Centre-left is Whiteless Pike which we climbed earlier, and centre-right is the ridge of Rannerdale Knotts.

Having successfully negotiated the steep part of the ridge, it is fairly easy going now, through the heather

"This way"

Another very pleasant walk with some good views, though the weather deteriorated more than expected. After yesterday's walk where I saw no-one, today I saw a few but it was still fairly quiet as soon as I was away from the car parks in the valley.

Total distance 13.4 km and 1271 metres of ascent in 5 hours 50 mins



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