Birkrigg Common & Stone Circle

8 August 2006

Birkrigg stone circle
Birkrigg stone circle dates from between 1700 and 1400 BC.

Stone circle, Birkrigg Common
These two stones point along a path which lies along a line across the steeple of Bardsea church and then Chapel Island. Sadly the stones have been vandalised - paint being prominent on one stone in particular.

Trig pillar, Birkrigg Common
A short distance away lies the summit of Birkrigg Common with its trig pillar (136 metres above sea level).

limestone pavement, Birkrigg Common
There are some significant fragments of limestone pavement remaining, being part of the carboniferous limestone that surrounds the Lake District. (See also visits to Whitbarrow Scar and Hutton Roof Crags.)

limestone pavement on Birkrigg Common

The highest point in Furness south of the A590 road, the views are extensive across the sands of Morecambe Bay from east round to west.


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