Rawfold Bank & Bleansley Bank

8 August 2006

For a change, a walk from the Duddon Valley over the top of the low ridge that divides it from the Lickle Valley, back to Broughton in Furness.

George at the top of the wall above the road up the Duddon Valley

As we start to ascend, a look past Rawfold farm towards the sea

Duddon Hall on the left; hidden between the trees is Rawfold Bridge across the Duddon

George looking cheerful

As we reach the high point, a look up the ridge towards the higher fells

George, with uncanny navigational skills, raced on ahead, turned left, and waited for me by this subtle stone stile over the wall.

Over the wall, we find newly planted woodland, yet to stifle the thick bracken that dogs our descent until we reach Croglinhurst Wood.

Looking across the Lickle Valley to the next ridge, rising to Broughton Moor

And from the same point, looking south-east across the bracken to the Duddon estuary

Having crossed the Lickle, where we stopped for a pleasant break by the bridge, we look back to Bleansley Bank: we crossed at the shallow col and descended through the bracken and then along the lower edge of the wood

After a difficult passage along the footpath around Hartley Ground, we reach our second ridge and the descent through the Park into Broughton. A view to the south-east with Great Burney on the left and Kirkby Moor on the right.


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Unless otherwise stated, all images copyright (c) Stephen and Lucy Dawson