Swallows and Amazons - Wild Cat Island

30 April 2007

Today we went to visit the island dear to the hearts of all Arthur Ransome Swallows and Amazons fans, Wild Cat Island, known to the Ordnance Survey as Peel Island. We hired a boat from the centre next to the Bluebird Café and headed off down the lake.

Lucy at the tiller as we run down Coniston on what is a lovely sunny day

Looking past the many moored boats to the Yewdale Fells


We continue to make excellent progress along the lake

Land ho! Wild Cat Island in sight. (Just!)

A cheerful Lucy

Wild Cat Island, looking at Lookout Point

Having run down the narrow channel to the east, past the Landing Place, we look at the south of the island and some of the rocks that form the Secret Harbour.

Our boat in the Secret Harbour, with a not very tidy harbour stow!

From the island, looking across the lake to Kanchenjunga.

From Lookout Point, looking north.

Looking down on the Landing Place, which has lost a good deal of shingle since Stephen was here 12 years ago.

The Camping Place

Looking south from the island

Looking from the island to Top O'Selside

Stephen and Lucy having lunch on Wild Cat Island. We had the island to ourselves the whole time we were there.

By the boat, getting read to depart

Our boat in the harbour.

On our way back.

Leaving the harbour behind

Unfortunately the photographs cease at this point as later we had a capsize and the camera died, adding a more dramatic adventure to what had already been an exciting day.


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