Haverthwaite and Lakeside Railway and Windermere Cruise

31 August 2009

A day forecast to be wet with very low cloud caused Stephen to seek alternative entertainment...

After lunch at the station buffet at Haverthwaite, there is a good Bank Holiday crowd to watch the train from Lakeside pulling into the station ready to form
the 1300 departure.

At the other end of the line, the MV Tern turns round ready to take passengers from the train on to Bowness or Ambleside, with Gummer's How in the background.

On the boat, the rain comes in from the south.

And to the north, all the high fells are hidden in cloud. The weather wasn't quite as bad as I'd expected, but it still wouldn't have been much fun fell-walking, though a low-level walk might have been ok.

MV Tern at Bowness, where I had a little wander and bought an excellent ice-cream - something rarely to be found on a fell walk.



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