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Mary Linne |
I LOVED your pix and descriptions of the Thames Path. Fascinating!!! The more pictures, the better!
18 November 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

Craig & Diane |
Thank you both for the wonderful adventures & stories! Stephen, NEVER worry about placing too many pictures in, as we really benefit from seeing the wonderful places we simply do not have time to visit on our trips. We'll have to use your stories as a guide for "must see, must do" when we return! We also thank both of you for allowing little Winston to come to America with us...he is such a joy!
11 November 2008 - Louisiana, USA

Hi there - I very much enjoyed reading your Kingston to Kew Bridge walk as I live in the area. However some of your captions are wrong! You see the captions should state "Richmond" instead of "Kingston" for pictures 11 (Walking alongside Petersham Meadows, the houses of RICHMOND) to 14 (A train for WATERLOO crosses RICHMOND railway bridge).

Sorry to be persnickety! But I thought you would want to know!

All the very best, Casper
9 November 2008 - Richmond

Webmaster comments   Thanks. I was sure I'd already fixed that page when the error was previously pointed out. But it's definitely right now!

Jeffrey French |
Your photos are fantastic and the captions very informative. I'm about to make a canalboat trip from Bunbury to Trevor and back in a few weeks and have some specific questions regarding your trip. Could you contact me?

23 October 2008 - Marin County, CA

Webmaster comments   I've replied to Jeffrey and offered some comments on his planned trip from Bunbury to Trevor.

Gaston Valin |
I love your pictures is a pleasure to see people enjoying the world .Please keep taking a lot of Pictures
13 October 2008 - BlackRock ,CT usa

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