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Karen |
I found your wonderful website on Google. I have had two trips to the UK and think it is beautiful. I love looking at and learning about areas there.

I keep sending your links to my friends in the UK each time I find an area I have been to or something I'd love to see.

Your website is excellent, you have set it up so well. Your photos are beautiful and the comments are very informative.
21 March 2009 - New Zealand

Hghlgh Winslade |
Dear Stephen
Hello I came across your website via your photo of Butser Hill on Wikipedia. I live in Horndean at the bottom of Butser I am just setting up an Ezine on assistive technology and archaeology called @Guru/AT Guru and would love to use your photo of Butser that is on the Wikipedia page for Butser Hill. I read archaeology at University and did do photography but my photography skills are now where near yours and I will of course acknowledge your copyright.


Haighleagh Winslade
3 February 2009 - Horndean Hants

Roger and Ann Hiley |
Came across your website while I was "Googling" for research into mine.

We've retired / semi retired to the Lakes but you seem to be very busy all round, from London to Loughborough to walks up here.

Good to see you cought some of the fine wintery weather in the Lakes recently.

18 January 2009 - Cumbria UK.

John |
What a delightful collection of photographs - We will certainly try some of the walks
12 January 2009 - Old Sarum

Pete Collins
Hi Stephen,

I've been enjoying looking at your web site again, it's very interesting. I smiled when I saw that you'd felt compelled to fill in the hole in the middle of the Hertfordshire Chain Walk at Watton-at Stone - I did the same! I hope you'll find time to do more of my Chiltern Chain Walk sometime.


8 January 2009 - Bedfordshire, England

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