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Keith |
Your photos are superb. What camera do you use, and what resolution are they?
We are doing parts of the various London walks you show on your website, which is really excellent.
Don't forget the river Arun/Wey walk!
19 August 2008 - Arundel.

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much for your message.

The photos are mostly taken with fairly ordinary cameras - most recently a
Canon Powershot A720, some with a Canon Ixus 860 (which is nice and small
but I miss the controlability), before that a Canon A610 which drowned in a
lake; I did have a bigger Fuji which I liked to use but it was a pain to
carry around a big camera so I've settled for the results from one I can fit
in my pocket.

The A720 will take 8 megapixel pictures, but I generally have it set to 3
megapixels as I don't need huge pictures - the quality of the optics is much
more important to me than the number of pixels.

I hope you enjoy the London walks, and yes the Arun/Wey walk looks
interesting for a future project.

Mick Sparey |
What a wonderful web site. Most enjoyable. Keep up the good work. I have saved it to my Favorites
6 August 2008 - London England

Webmaster comments   Belated thanks for your message - I'm glad you have enjoyed the photos.

james emmans |
just done some walking along the craine river and noticed your photo of the walk under the bridge was not on the official route. I took the same detour! The pathfinder map does have the london loop on it now.
thanks for great site.
2 August 2008 - UK

Antonio Madeddu |
Wonderful photos and very complete descriptions. Very enjoyable. Could you try to complete geographic coordinates with Picasa and Google Earth? It's very simple: if you need a help I'll show you how to do.
2 August 2008 - Sardinia

Hope your foot is much better now. Mine is recovering well although not sure I would be up to a trip round the castle here! Never realised Dover Castle was so extensive. Looks v interesting.
27 June 2008 - Kenilworth, UK

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