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Björn |
Awesome photography. Thank you so much.
What camera do you use?
8 October 2008 - Islington, London

Lovely website - nice to find people who get out and about rather than being couch potatoes. I bet you read Enid Blyton when you were children?

You should try visiting East Anglia - it has several enthusiasts railways, waterways, long distance paths.
28 September 2008

Dan Webster |
Such a pleasure to stumble upon your site! I spent 6 months traveling around the British Isles 25 years ago, and your travels bring back so many fond memories! I'm soooo envious. You cover so much ground! I'm impressed with how you seem to have your priorities in order with regards to R & R ! My happy place is anywhere in North Yorkshire or the Lakes. Thank you so much.
18 September 2008 - British Columbia Canada

Used to live in Bush HIll Park and spent many happy childhood hours at Enfield Town Park. I've been in Australia now over 40 years but got very choked up on seeing those pics on your site. Thank you for letting me see my old haunts again (and in a lot of cases they haven't changed
6 September 2008 - Hamilton Island QLD Australia

Colin |
Great site - excellent photos and nice dogs!
In one of your captions, you say that there are 55 Lakeland Marilyns - I'm doing them this year and reckon there are 52 - see and follow link. Interested to find the discrepancy. Cheers and happy walking!
25 August 2008 - Cumbria

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your message.

My website was correct at the time of that caption, but since then there has
been another promotion, so there are now considered to be 56 Marilyns in
Region 34, which Alan Dawson called "The Lake District". I've updated the
website accordingly, so thanks for that.

I have the 56 summits in Region 34 "The Lake District" as follows, in height

Arnside Knott 34D 159
Whitbarrow - Lord's Seat 34D 215
Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag 34D 231
Swinside 34B 244
Watch Hill [Setmurthy Common] 34A 254
Claife Heights 34D 270
Hutton Roof Crags 34D 274
Holme Fell 34D 317
Gummer's How 34D 321
Kirkby Moor [Lowick High Common] 34D 334
Loughrigg Fell 34B 335
Top O'Selside 34D 335
Lambrigg Fell 34D 339
Dent [Long Barrow] 34B 352
High Rigg 34C 357
Hallin Fell 34C 388
Low Fell 34B 423
Binsey 34A 447
Lingmoor Fell 34B 469
Baystones [Wansfell] 34C 488
Grayrigg Forest 34C 494
Little Mell Fell 34C 505
Mellbreak 34B 512
Great Mell Fell 34C 537
Hard Knott 34B 549
Lord's Seat 34A 552
Blake Fell 34B 573
Whitfell 34D 573
Black Combe 34D 600
Illgill Head 34B 609
Harter Fell 34D 654
Place Fell 34C 657
Tarn Crag 34C 664
Seatallan 34B 692
Pike of Blisco 34B 705
Knott 34A 710
Seat Sandal 34C 736
Robinson 34B 737
Dale Head 34B 753
High Raise 34B 762
Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor] 34C 763
Red Screes 34C 776
Grisedale Pike 34B 791
Kirk Fell 34B 802
The Old Man of Coniston 34D 803
High Stile 34B 807
High Street 34C 828
St Sunday Crag 34C 841
Grasmoor 34B 852
Blencathra 34A 868
Fairfield 34C 873
Pillar 34B 892
Great Gable 34B 899
Skiddaw 34A 931
Helvellyn 34C 950
Scafell Pike 34B 978

But 6 of these are outside the Lake District National Park - namely Arnside
Knott, Dent (Long Barrow), Grayrigg Forest, Hutton Roof Crags, Lambrigg Fell
and Kirkby Moor. That takes the total down to 50 if one uses the LDNP as the
boundary. Personally I would consider that Dent, Grayrigg Forest, Kirkby
Moor and Lambrigg Fell are definitely within the Lake District even though
not within the National Park; Arnside Knott and Hutton Roof Crags are part
of the same geological formation as Lord's Seat so arguably have as much of
a claim to inclusion as does Lord's Seat.

But I note that you have included Dent (Long Barrow) and Kirkby Moor even
though they are outside the LDNP, which I think produces your 52, though I
haven't done a full cross-check.

I hope that's helpful rather than otherwise! Enjoy your walking!

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