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January to March 2003

22 March 2003

2003-03-22-114915.jpg (150022 bytes)
Lucy, George and Henry on the summit of Wilmington Hill in East Sussex, 214m above sea level

2003-03-22-115537-2.jpg (191296 bytes)
George in full flight

2003-03-22-122157.jpg (170321 bytes)
Henry enjoying himself

2003-03-22-143413.jpg (121173 bytes)
Two happy dogs on the summit of Firle Beacon in East Sussex, 217m above sea level.


10 March 2003

George's fifth week at agility training. The photos aren't particularly good due to the low light, but we hope they're interesting anyway!

2003-03-10-201205a.jpg (1501821 bytes)

2003-03-10-203552-1a.jpg (1326210 bytes)
...on the A-frame...

2003-03-10-204314a.jpg (1339993 bytes)
...and jumping.


9 March 2003

Epping Forest again...

2003-03-09-144706a.jpg (2650941 bytes)
George practising his agility on a tree trunk while Henry explores

2003-03-09-145013a.jpg (2673345 bytes)

2003-03-09-145142a.jpg (681169 bytes)


4 March 2003

img_2528mod.jpg (504638 bytes)
In the garden after George's haircut and a wash.


13 February 2003

A walk in the park...

dscf0118m.jpg (110268 bytes)
Henry and George with Sam the Jack Russell, and Mitzi the West Highland White Terrier (hiding)

dscf0129m.jpg (114675 bytes)

dscf0131m.jpg (104104 bytes)

dscf0145m2.jpg (105533 bytes)
Tired out after a long day helping us spring clean the house


3 February 2003

img_2457mod.jpg (239371 bytes)
Henry with his first red rosette, after winning first prize in his class at the Lowestoft, Oulton Broad & District show

26 January 2003

img_2423mod.jpg (106119 bytes)
George - not a full show coat yet, but still looking very smart.

Coombe Hill - 25 January 2003

img_2365mod.jpg (123790 bytes)

img_2397mod.jpg (100626 bytes)

18 January 2003

img_2327mod.jpg (39212 bytes)

(Henry is, in fact, standing in the kitchen at home, and digitally transferred onto the same background as his official photo in December, with shadows added - but Henry is the real thing!)

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