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November 2003 to March 2004

13 March 2004 - Worcestershire Beacon

George relaxing in the snow on the walk to the summit of Worcestershire Beacon

George awaits help in identifying the mountain views.


4 March 2004 - Crufts

A delighted Nickie and Lucy at Crufts, as Henry examines his First place rosette. More pictures from Crufts...


February 2004 - Henry's first puppies!

At seven weeks old, Henry's first puppies at their home in Beaconsfield

Snuggled up in their basket, Kris on the right and Kracker on the left.

And an earlier picture with their Mum Babushka, at 13 days old


Christmas 2003

Preparing for Christmas - "Look what I've unwrapped!"

Trying on costumes for Christmas parties

Saffy and Bridie at the Eastern Counties Cavalier Club Christmas party. Lots of food, fun and games for dogs and owners and fancy dress competitions.

Henry and George having decided to be gypsies instead of reindeer

At the Enfield Chace Christmas party, there were more games and another fancy dress competition, here with Tina the Cavalier dressed as King Charles (of course).

A pirate

A Rasta

The two gypsies again at their second Christmas party

George looking pleased with himself after winning or being on the winning team of every game he entered!

Gypsy and Ruby as Santa and reindeer with sleigh


November 2003

Henry (Blenheim) and the other three types of Cavalier at our training club
- from left, Gypsy (Black and Tan), Honey (Ruby) and Tina (Tricolour).

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