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November 2004 to April 2005

April 2005 - In the garden



and George


March 2005 - River Lee

Ellie being carried for part of our walk near the River Lea

Running across the plank. This was bound to end in trouble...

...and George fell in, but seemed very cheerful about it all.

March 2005 - Wendover Woods

A walk (or run) in Wendover Woods was Ellie's first walk away from the park or garden.

 More from Wendover Woods...

March 2005 - Crufts

Henry in the ring at Crufts, on his way to winning his class for the second year running

Henry looking pretty at Crufts


February 2005 - Ellie

Ellie is a tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and the latest addition to the pack - 10 weeks old

Ellie, Henry and George investigating the snow - Ellie at 11 weeks

Ellie in the garden at 12 weeks old

I'm coming to see what you're up to!

Is that enough photos yet?


20 November 2004 - Shining Tor, Peak District

George in the snow. He had a wonderful time, honestly!

George climbing the stone wall on top of Shining Tor


13 November 2004 - River Lee

Other dog photos


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