Dogs in 2012

Hetty and George during a walk on the Mid-Suffolk Footpath. Our way first lies along this very quiet road - at this early stage, George still looks clean and fluffy

Lottie shortly after her arrival

George letting us know what he thinks of the cone of shame - just a minor abrasion he had to leave alone!

Lottie with her great-great-great grandmother Saffy

Lottie practising her stand - needs work!

The whole family on George's 10th birthday

Can you spot George? Taken near the top of Great Borne in the Lake District

Ellie showing her TD Rally obedience Level 2 Title rosette

A nice close-up of George while on a walk on the Angles Way

Hetty working hard to catch up with her mother, having now gained her TD Rally obedience Level 1 Championship

Lottie isn't doing rally yet, but has passed her Bronze Good Citizen test

The gang!

With Ellie getting ready for a show tomorrow, Stephen has Hetty, George and Lottie with him for this afternoon's walk along the River Lark

Hetty & Ellie on our hire boat for a week in the Birmingham canal system

George in Cales Dale in the Peak District

The rally team with their winnings for the year

Other dog photos


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