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Jessica |

I'm a Librarian at a Technical & Further Education institute in Victoria, Australia.
Would you be happy for our teachers to use an image of Gorse in Flower in their online teaching materials?
29 March 2022 - Victoria, Australia

Adrian |
Thanks for the mid-Suffolk walks.
p.s. favourite photo on the site; indeximages/400/2013-04-20-121246-002.jpg
11 February 2022 - East Suffolk; seeking mid and north suffolk walks

Kate |
Thank you for the lovely photos. I was wondering if George is doing okay? I haven't heard from him in a while. Much love x
7 May 2019 - Bilinge

John Moody |
Hi Stephen and Lucy,
I stumbled across your site looking for information about the Mid-Suffolk footpath, which I was walking with a couple of friends with a view to including it in the Suffolk Walking Festival next year. Thanks for providing the leaflet. and you blog of the walk. We did the first half last week and will be doing the second half this week. You can find my write-up on my blog by searching for reinterred on blogspot. but I think your photos are better!
Your website hasn't been updated for a while. I hope you are still walking. What an amazing archive of walks you have! Happy rambling. John.
18 March 2019 - Bury St. Edmunds

Richard Long |
Would it be possible to include one of your 2003 Isle of Wight Steam Railway photos in a book I'm currently writing? I'm interested in the image with the tube train in the background - would it be possible for you to end me a high-res copy?
10 February 2019 - London.

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