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engineering timelines newsletter administrator |
Hi Stephen and Lucy

We used one of your brilliant photos of Crossness pumping station in today's issue of our newsletter, with a link to the original post in 2007. Be very happy to forward you a copy if you let us have your email address.
27 July 2016 - UK

Ross |

I'm helping to create a leaflet for the Haringey Cycle Campaign, specifically around regularising the current temporary closure of Wightman Road to through traffic. Your 2007 picture from the new river walk:
is a great example of the "before" situation. Would you mind if we used this, with credit?
17 May 2016 - Haringey, London

David Hunt |
Lovely website and pictures. You enjoy my kind of holidays! My walking is limited, as I'm a carer, and don't get away often. I came here to find Combe Hill, a place I've not seen since the early 1960s.
24 April 2016 - Lancashire

Ping Xu |
May I have the permission to use some of your
Wimbledon photos on my website?
C Consulting UK Ltd. 07770732815
22 March 2016 - Wimbledon, London

Mike |
Great insight into the london loop - I live right by the start of one of the sections and looking to start doing it. Also want to do the capital ring now after seeing the pictures on here. Thanks
19 February 2016 - London, UK

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