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Robert Pepperell |
Dear Stephen,

I am writing an academic paper and am referring to one of Turner's paintings, Rain, Steam, Speed, which is in the National Gallery. It supposedly features a train crossing Maidenhead Bridge, and I was looking for a modern photograph of the same scene when I came across the photo on your site from 2007:

I was wondering if you would give me permission to reproduce it in the paper, which is for the online journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. I would of course fully credit you as the owner.

Yours with best wishes,


Dr Robert Pepperell

Professor of Fine Art

Cardiff School of Art & Design

Llandaff Campus,

200 Western Avenue,

Cardiff CF5 2YB

tel. 02920 416666
2 May 2015 - Cardiff UK

Richard |
You have a great website with fantastic resources. We have a similar website - iFootpath walking guides across the UK. We walk them with our dog. Would like to get in touch.
23 April 2015 - UK

Dave C |
Thanks for sharing such a well documented journey. Hoping to take my inflatable on it. Will need plenty of pubs :-)
21 April 2015 - Feltham

John Macrae |
Re the London Loop ad Coldharbour - yesterday I walked from Upminster to Rainham, then along the Thames bank to Purfleet and Grays. Whilst the new leg of the London Loop does pass inland of Coldharbour Point, I kept, instead, to a new footpath/cycleway that keeps tightly to the Thames: this gives great estuary views which are obscured if one walks the inland section of the London Loop at this point.
22 March 2015 - Rivenhall End, Essex UK

Martin The Organist (Yes, him) |
Hello Lucy. I took my step-son on the Central line the other week and told him about ringing handbells (as well as playing quite a few organs!) with your dad! Its great to see your site. All the best to you both and to mum and dad. Let's catch up!!!!!
11 March 2015 - Oxford

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