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Chenli |
we are the students of Museum Studies in the University of Leicester. We are now preparing for an exhibition for educational purpose and we want to use of photo on your website to help illustrate the theme. Here is the link.

Picture shows a man running a Galloper with the traditional steam engine.

The exhibition will last for about 3 months . The purpose is educational and the exhibition mainly opens to students and staff of Museum Studies.Thus, if you can give us the copyright of the photo for free , you will be highly appreciated and that must be quite useful for us. Thank you very much!

Kind regards
6 March 2015 - UK

David Altheer |
Wanting to cycle from Sawbridgeworth to the Lea/Lee, my first surf led me to your Bishops Stortford-walk entry.

I found your text clear and the pix illustrative, although I assumed the "we" was the dog (George?) and its owner, whereas it appears to be jointly owned.

A useful site. Bravo.
2 March 2015 - Hackney, No 1 City

Betsy Doucette |
I love your landscape photographs from your explorations of the long-distance footpaths. The dogs are precious, too. It's my dream to go on one of those week-long long distance tours in England, but I'm trying to figure out which one to choose. It's nice armchair traveling in the meantime!
26 February 2015 - Dracut, Massachusetts

Marty |
Dear Stephen and Lucy Dawson,

I'm a creative advertising student and I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me to use one of your images. The image wouldn't be used for commercial use, just for a student project. Thank You for your time.

Best regards,

7 February 2015 - Edinburgh

Martin |
Many thanks for this web and pictures, which serves as a main source of information for our forthcoming run around London in one day with my friends from Prague. We now know a bit what to expect. Best regards and many nice walks.
23 January 2015 - Czech Republic

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