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Johnnie |
Hi, Royal Russell School in Croydon is taking part in a charity fundraiser following the London LOOP. Would it be possible for us to use the KML file that you've created for the loop?
9 September 2014 - Croydon, UK

Alex P |
Great website, just discovered it tonight. Congratulations on all the walks and well done for the website.
30 June 2014 - Manchester

Candy Blackham |
Lovely photographs of the New River! I have just started walking - from London northwards
30 June 2014 - United Kingdom

Hello. I have been a long-time viewer of your website. Your work is truly brilliant.

I am an artist residing in India, and I was wondering if you would give me permission to reproduce your works in watercolor?

In waiting,
Alay K. Ghoshal
14 May 2014 - INDIA

Carles |
I did one stage of the London Loop thanks to this webpage ( ) and I plan to do more - thanks for writing it up in personal way!

Only one suggestion: if you had a GPS the GPX or KML files would be useful to follow your steps!
At the moment, I use and so far so good! I'll see the next stages...
28 April 2014 - London

Webmaster comments   I'm glad you found the write-up of the London Loop useful and even inspiring! That's great to hear.

Although I did use a GPS, I didn't keep GPX tracks in 2006. Most of the walks on our website since 2007 do have a GPX trace - you can access these via a URL including the date of the walk, like which is the Capital Ring walk starting at Woolwich done on 1st December 2007, and see them plotted with a URL like

For routes which are well plotted on OpenStreetMap, which includes the London Loop, then I recommend this website: If you visit it, then click the Routes button in the bottom-right, then on London Loop, it will enable you to download a GPX file for either the whole route or each of the 24 individual sections.

Enjoy the rest of the London Loop!

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