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Ruth Livingstone |
Great site and I enjoyed following your account of Peddars Way, which I completed just before Xmas and have written up on my own blog. I've linked to the Norfolk Songlines info on your site from my ruthlessramblings Wordpress blog. Hope that is OK?
9 January 2015 - UK

Judith Marshall |
Dear Stephen and Lucy,
Love your pictures of Malham Cove from your Yorkshire Dales Holiday dated 20 July 2005. It is the fourth picture in the series that I am interested in the most. I am writing a fictional book and a small part takes place on top of Malham Cove and with a few changes/additions to the photo by a competent artist would make this picture perfect for use on the cover. I am hoping you will give me permission to use this picture and I will make sure that the original photo is credited to you and your website if that is what you would like.
4 January 2015 - New Zealand

Judith Marshall |
Hello, Love your photos.
Have written a book that I am hoping to get published soon and one of the photos from one of your holidays would be perfect as the cover photo with some artistic additions to suit the story on the front.
The details for the picture is 20 July 2005 Yorkshire Dales Holiday, Malham Cove.
The fourth picture in the series. Looking from the top of the cliff along Malham Beck towards the village of Malham.
I hope you will give me permission to use this photo and I would definately give credit for the original photo to you. I would need to know the wording you would want in the credits.
10 December 2014 - New Zealand

lewis Blackwell |
Hi. could we use your image of Hawker's hut for a small exhibition? We would need print-quality file.
10 October 2014 - United Kingdom

Candy |
I am walking The New River and will link to your site. You have beautiful photographs.
6 October 2014 - United Kingdom

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