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Ping Xu |
May I have the permission to use some of your
Wimbledon photos on my website?
C Consulting UK Ltd. 07770732815
22 March 2016 - Wimbledon, London

Mike |
Great insight into the london loop - I live right by the start of one of the sections and looking to start doing it. Also want to do the capital ring now after seeing the pictures on here. Thanks
19 February 2016 - London, UK

Langley Iddins |
Hello Stephen and Lucy,

On your web page "Thames path - Kingston to Kew Bridge' is a photograph taken from the Ham side of the Thames looking downstream towards Richmond with the Star and Garter Home in the far distance.

I would like, if possible, your permission to use the photograph for a web page for Eel Pie Island Slipways Ash scattering service. Your photograph illustrates well, the stretch of the river where ashes are scattered. Obviously your photograph would be credited on the web page where it appears.

15 February 2016 - Hampton, Middlesex

Saskia |
Stumbled upon your website and loved it! Nice pictures, especially the canal and countryside walk ones. Always hard to choose between a cottage somewhere hilly or a narrowboat when going for a holiday to the UK (unfortunately over here we only got them boring broad canals without any locks - flat country problems )
8 January 2016 - The Netherlands

Oli |
can I use some of these images for school please?
19 November 2015

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