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Matthew |
Great website!

I'm a keen ultra runner and I have run a number of the routes that you have walked.

I was keen to try running the Stour Valley Path, but it looks like it could be tricky to follow. I've been searching the Internet to try and find any gpx files for the path, but I'm not having any luck so far.

Did you use a gps for the route, or simply follow OS maps? If the former, where did you obtain the gpx file for the route?

Keep up the great work! Cheers
6 September 2012 - London

Webmaster comments   From what I can recall there wasn't too much "which way now?" but the waymarking isn't excellent by any means.

I plotted my own routes on digital maps but partly as a result there is now a complete mapping on, which gives you a number of options:

* find the route on the map at click on “Routes” in the bottom-right and select the Stour Valley Path from where you can download the GPX file

* or lists all those in the UK which have been mapped or partially mapped, from where you can click on the GPX link against each path (and also link to maps showing each path)

* or if my own GPX tracks plotted on the ground are of any value they are available for each of my walks by the date on which they were walked, such as for the final walk on the Stour Valley Path – just rename the .xml file to .gpx [Most later walks are already named as .gpx files already.]


Big Jack
Loved your pictures of the Ridgeway. They remind me of my walk. And the Lakes picture too remind me of my childhood escapes.
22 August 2012 - South Oxon

barry olsen |
thank-you for the wonderful canals tour... one day; one day!
19 July 2012 - New Zealand

Merry |
Just been looking through the super photos of our holiday on the K & A canal. Thanks for sharing them. Lots of happy memories, despite the weather!
16 July 2012 - Evesham

max |
I just came across your photos of the Stour walk. My grandfather used to live in Crowe Hall and I spent all my Christmas and Easter holidays there. I brought back such wonderful and fond memories. Thanks for sharing them!!! Tata. Max
5 July 2012 - Now in Myanamr

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